Shoes by zip

Another example of how my shoe wardrobe has changed since I migrated West. My tall shoes are getting a much deserved rest at the moment.

Shoes by zip

San Francisco, daily

I’m still in the process of transitioning to an SF wardrobe. Here’s a near-identical version of what I’ve been wearing lately. I’ve found that I’ve been placing much more emphasis on accessories, as people here are simply not as risky as New Yorkers when it comes to clothing.

san francisco, daily

Croc chic

I’m not one for Crocs, but when they come in a set of 2 and 2 of the feet are tiny and pink, well then, they’ve really earned the right be flaunted.

Unlikely inspirations

“I see beauty in the grotesque.”  -Alexander McQueen

In case you were wondering, this is the driving inspiration behind one of the most influential designers of the past couple of decades.  A strange pairing of words, no?


The first time I saw the Alexander McQueen “Armadillo” shoe I was completely aghast.  While his designs were always  avant-garde, this bizarre foot contraption seemed like a farce.  It resembled a cross between a lobster claw and an armadillo.  Not really what you’d think of as the “it-shoe” of the season, even for the most daring of fashionistas.

After going to see the McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the Met, I was  mesmerized by the designer’s vision of beauty.  Rows of body forms were dressed in wooden skirts and leather sling-tops, jackets with crocodile heads placed on top of the shoulders, and there was even a giant blob of a coat made from synthetic fur.  The collection was provocative, bizarre, dark, and at times disturbing.  But it was also undeniably disarming with its breathtaking detail and craftsmanship.  A couple of dresses, aptly named “Shipwrecked,” were made of shredded chiffon and organza silk and resembled tangled sheets of seaweed and white foam.  And yet, the shredded fabric was meticulously draped, and despite its depiction of “disaster at sea” (not the kind of look one typically goes for), it was beautifully poetic.

As bizarre as they were, there is no question in my mind that these creations came from a place of pure passion and inspiration – even if that inspiration came from what McQueen himself called, “the grotesque.”  He brought together strange textures, and distorted and exaggerated the female shape with his designs– yet his creations are so clearly deliberated and born from a vision, and who’s to deny the beauty in that? Plenty of people can’t even be bothered to create anything at all.

In advertising, it reminds me that we need to keep our eyes and minds open when we think about our work, and how we can bring beauty to life in unconventional ways.  I have a feeling that hairy coats and armadillo shoes probably aren’t what our Noxzema target audience is looking for, but then again, you never know.  After all, I stood next to a girl at the exhibition who claimed she wanted to be buried in a dress made of metal wires and torn leather.

Emmi, my love…

I have a raging obsession with grapefruit.  I cannot get enough of it.  I peel it like an orange and end up with a mix of pith and sting under my nails from digging too hard. I order the juice in my cocktails, and then I drink it the next morning to quell my hangovers.  Earlier this month on my flight back from Vancouver, I watched Paula Deen bake a grapefruit cake on the tiny screen in front of me, and I made a mental note to Google the recipe as soon as we landed.  And last week, I tried Emmi’s Pink Grapefruit yogurt for the first time and simply could not believe that I’ve been missing out on this for what appears to be at least 5 years (I found a thread on the Chowhound discussion board about it, dated 2006).  Where have I been?

I’ll admit that the idea of grapefruit and yogurt initially seemed bizarre.  The thought of combining two such distinctly sour flavors made me cringe.  Well, it turns out that’s what sugar is for.  27 grams of it, to be exact, and what you end up with in this little container is a magical mix of silky milk, tiny flecks of pink pulp that burst in your mouth, and an uncanny blend of tangy, sweet, tart, and just the tiniest whisper of bitter (to remind you that this is, after all, grapefruit).  My probiotic intake is about to skyrocket.


Imaxtree via nymag.com

Anyone who knows me well knows that I live for silk blouses, the color gray, and anything drapey.   In my version of Cinderella, Donna Karan would be my fairy godmother and I’d show up to the party wearing this.  I’d go just for the free champagne, and to be that girl who wore pants to the ball.


Selma Blair in stunning Lanvin.  This is the perfect non-maternity maternity dress.  Navy, grey and black  may not be the conventional color palette of a glowy pregnant woman, but I think that’s why I like it.  It feels consistent with her style-sleek, minimalist, and effortlessly cool.  I love the U-shaped scoop neck, but I do think a necklace could have been amazing with this – the dress is so simple that she could’ve gotten away with a really interesting statement piece.  I’m also not loving the hair.  A long sleek ponytail could have been amazing.  Regardless, this look is near-perfect.