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In about 6 hours, I will hate the snow.

But right now, nothing is more beautiful.

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Better Tuesdays

I’m worried.  Some dangerously delicious places are popping up along my path to work.  The new Donut Plant looks to be opening any day now, and Financier just set up shop about 50 feet from the Van Leeuwen coffee truck that I’ve been known to spend $6 at, for a 12 oz. double latte (partially due to the adorable barista).  I cringe.

This morning I bypassed the truck and popped into Financier.  I was in the mood for something indulgent.  Maybe a pain au chocolat.  Or maybe.. almond brioche? I’d never seen this before…a thick slice of bread, smattered with almond slices and dusted with powdered sugar.  Yet still seemingly light, somehow.

Well, I was smitten with my choice.  It was like an unbattered slice of french toast.  The crust was sugar-crystallized and crunchy, while the bread itself had a very subtle custard-like consistency that still retained the characteristic open, airy texture of brioche.  The almonds were perceptibly toasted, and really added an elegance to the flavor.

I nibbled on this thing for over an hour, alternating with sips of coffee.  It was all quite lovely, and perhaps enhanced by the fact that I was also wearing my favorite Lanvin scarf today– watery blues, soft corals and silvery grays.

Ah, the French…they really know how to elevate a cold winter Tuesday.

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The online shopping has gotten a bit out of control, lately.  I think it started last Fall, when I started to offset my holiday gift purchases with investment-piece purchases for myself.  But it’s January now, and after some serious number-crunching, I’ve decided that I need to draw the line.  It’s going to be all about window-shopping now, and I can at least make it count by working with what I already have in the closet.


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