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I am a chocolate lover,  I really am.  Dark/semi-sweet/milk/caramel-laced/cookie-embedded…even the non-technical variety of white.  It’s simple, really – a melty nub of silky smooth chocolate on your tongue can satiate to your very core.  And when I close my eyes and imagine this, I see milky brown hues, fluid, organic ripples, and soft, muted, neutral shades.

What I don’t see is green and black, and when I see Green & Black’s written on the wrapper of a fine bar of chocolate, my brain starts to cramp from the disconnect.  “Green” and “black” are rigid.  They’re harsh and sharp.  There are no shared tones across green and black and chocolate.  It’s an uncomfortable thought and it makes me enjoy the chocolate less.

I read the story on the website…I get it.  Appreciate the thinking, even.  But I don’t like it- chocolate is such an experiential food, and you don’t want to tamper with that by throwing in seemingly random words of a clashing color palate.  That’s like hanging up a Jackson Pollack next to a Monet.  Or wearing a mink coat over a Gore-Tex sweatshirt.  Wrong, just wrong.

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