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Some primary schooling

It was that epic moment in thrift store shopping when I stumbled across an intriguing blouse, begging to be noticed amongst its spot-stained peers… a flash of bold colors on patterned silk, sandwiched between cheap fabrics and threadbare cast-offs.  I pushed away the hangers and caught a glimpse of 2 words that made my heart skip a beat: Christian and Dior.  It’s the rare kind of find that continues to bring me back to the stale and musty confines of second-hand stores.

Label aside, it was the color palette that drew me in – vivid cobalt blue and yellow flowers splashed across vintage dot-print silk.  The combination was bold, loud, and undeniably captivating.  Primary colors can work together gloriously – while it’s easy to gravitate towards tonal shades and neutrals, the rich and saturated hues of red, yellow and blue are pure and uncompromised, and when brought together, they shine in and of themselves.  I fell in love with this approach when I saw Renee Zellweger’s 2001 Oscar dress – a flowey, canary yellow dress punctuated with bold red lips.  My color radar changed forever.

Colors aside, the design and workmanship of the blouse is simply beautiful.  The double breasted lapel gives an air of stature and sophistication to the delicate fabric and girlish print, as does the inverted box pleat extending from the back yoke.  A perfect interplay of masculine and feminine.

I’m bringing this blouse into the 00’s by pairing it with – what else? My favorite jean cut-offs.  Nothing like modernizing vintage with some destroyed denim.

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