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New blue

Blue and I have a complex history.  For a brief time in my childhood it was my favorite color.  For most of my life it’s been my least favorite.  And little by little, over the course of about two years, I’ve slowly begun to regain respect for this hue in a highly unexpected way.

The story goes like this:  blue was my favorite color from about ages 8-11, mostly because it felt cooler than pink which was starting to feel babyish.  Then I started taking art classes and began studying the color wheel and mixing shades – and I grew a particular distaste for aqua, cerulean, and baby blue, all of which felt  annoyingly twee.  I began discovering way cooler non-pink colors like slate gray and olive green and taupe.  And then, blue started to feel…well, rather pedestrian.  So I dismissed it for a long time.

The rekindling began subtly with navy, because it wasn’t overtly blue and was a sophisticated alternative to black.  Prussian came into the picture too, with a lovely hand-me-down scarf from my mother in a Burberry-esque plaid print.  Royal blue was a distinct blue purchase last December in the form of a silk 80’s secretary-style dress on sale at Banana Republic, at a price that could not be ignored.  And then came Kate Winslet in her Yves Klein blue SAG dress this past spring, and it was at this moment that I was ready to admit that I liked blue again.

A month ago, while scouring Shopstyle.com for harem pants (another current obsession), I came across a pair of watery, storm blue silk pants by Maje, that had to be mine.  In two days I was holding them – fluid, drapey raw silk, high-waisted and cinched with an elegant sash.  I keep the pants clipped on my very best pant hanger and hang them on the sole hook on the inside of my of my closet door.  This way, I can see them in their full glory every time I open my closet.


I wear them with a simple, thin white tank tucked in, and merchandise it with just one accessory – sexy Russian Red lipstick from MAC.  Absolute perfection.

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