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Withering Heights

Ladies, I’m not quite sure where we go from here.  While I am an ardent supporter of high heels and the general notion of elongating the leg, I fear we have reached our end point.  My 5.25″ greige suede almond toe platform pumps have climbed to the tippiest top of Mt. Stiletto, and while my calves have never looked better, I suspect that the only eyes that will see them are the ones that look back at me in the mirror.  It’s no surprise that with our natural inclination to outdo ourselves, designers would equate (and women would hastily agree) improved aesthetic of high heels with, well, a higher heel of course.  But when this reaches a point where one is relegated to clomping around like a petrified horse, well then ladies, we’re either going to have to start funding research for hypermobile joint creation or start doing a lot more entertaining at home.  Which isn’t, of course, a bad idea at all.  Think of all the fabulous loungewear you’ve always been tempted to pass off as evening wear (oops, does that sound trashy?)– now you can drape them on for any indoor occasion that calls for fancy footwear, in your non-judgmental home quarters– and you won’t have to worry about being mistaken for a hooker who can’t even work the streets right.


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