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So, here’s what I know: balance is the key to everything.  I know, not a novel concept, but it is a notion worth reconsidering when you’re pondering why, exactly, latkes are so good.  They start with the humblest of ingredients: potatoes, onions, and flour—fried in lard.  But then, atop the crispy golden lacy tangle of potatoes comes a perfectly tart dollop of sour cream and a warmly-spiced smattering of applesauce that cuts through all that oil as if that blue Crisco barrel was just a figment of your imagination.  See that balance right there? That is precisely what makes one think that one can eat 11 latkes without consequence.  That, and burning calories with an intense, muscle-flexing hour of dreidel.  Jeff, looking forward to Latkefest 16…

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