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In the spirit of preserving the remainder of the season, I’d like to tell you about a sexy little summer pie I had back in June that made me want to kick off my platform boots, vacuum pack my sweaters, grab my Ray-Bans and slither into a  bikini, New York Times tucked under arm.  The key lime pie from Billy’s Bakery is an edible sliver of sunshine that makes me wonder why I ever overlook citrus based desserts.

The custard is a gleaming shade of butter-blond, adorned with a punchy green slice of lime.  It has a satiny mouth feel that coats your tongue with a tart bite and melts into a smooth finish.  I like to start by gliding a fork straight down the tip of the pie, leaving a slick track that leads straight to the cookie crust.  This is not your traditional graham cracker crust – it’s made with peppery gingersnaps that give the pie an attitude more akin to Alexader Wang than Ralph Lauren.  It starts out firm and then crumbles into a sweet, spicy sand  in your mouth.

And after that, it’s really all just cookie sand, lime silk and eventually, an empty box.  Get it while you can – as you may have guessed, it’s a seasonal item.

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Jane and I got free smells today – free smells of cupcake batter. Cloyingly sweet molecules of butter, sugar, eggs and flour swirling around in the air. It was so intense that we didn’t even need to buy anything – which is why I don’t have a food picture for you. Maybe Billy’s should start charging people just for entering so that they don’t lose money with freeloaders like us. For now, the least I can do is post their logo and address:

Billy’s Bakery
184 9th Avenue (between 21st and 22nd)
New York, NY 10011

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