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My summer’s shoe

My Chelsea Crew Holly oxfords.

I love them with the silliest, most frivolous, child-like enthusiasm – when I have them on, they make me stretch out my leg and point my toe and giggle.  They are girlish, boyish, nerdy, and cool, all rolled into one.  The cut-outs keep your look open and airy for the summer, and the tan color extends your leg for miles.  And, they’re flat!– so you can prance around the streets of NYC with freedom and abandon, and make-believe you’re 8 years old again.

Currently, I wear them with any combination of the following:

  • Menswear button shirts (tucked into whatever I’m wearing on the bottom)
  • Silk tanks
  • White linen
  • Jean cut-offs
  • White shorts
  • My amber ring (see header)

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