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I am famous for my indecisiveness.  The non weakness-of-character kind, that is.  You know, the kind that comes from a place of deep, contemplative respect for all things, and the belief that one shouldn’t have to choose when there is so much to be enjoyed.

Like at City Bakery last week, when warm, salty, flaky, crispy Pretzel Croissant was calling out my name at the same time as rich, chocolate and butter-laden Chocolate Chip Cookie.  I said to them, “Hey Sweet and Salty – you two are not mutually exclusive.  You guys can co-exist, and quite peacefully, I might add.”

But wait, I suddenly thought…two solid-form baked goods at the same time…would that be overkill?  Like, whose crisp would be louder? Whose butter would satisfy more deeply? Would they try to out do each other with their respective richness and heft? Yes, I realized – they just might.  But what could I do? I wanted them both, Sweet and Salty.

Suddenly, I heard a whisper from the far end of the marble countertop…”Hey, it’s me, Hot Chocolate.  I’m smooth and creamy and warm and viscous.  I’m sweet, but I’m also a liquid, so solids don’t feel threatened by me.  In fact, we’re good friends, Pretzel Croissant and me.”

Turns out they were best friends.

So you see, I quite proudly wear may badge of indecisiveness.  It’s a happy ending like this that makes me perfectly at ease with my perfectly reasonable approach to non-choice.  I always manage to find a win-win somewhere.

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