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You know how when you go to a Korean restaurant and order Kalbi (Korean BBQ), there are all these techniques you employ to address the whole smokey-meat-smell issue? Like, you turn your coat inside out, you spritz your hair with perfume once you’re outside, and you sort of avoid getting close to people in general. Well, eating Kalbi at home necessitates its own set of precautionary measures – though not nearly as vain. Protecting clothes isn’t so much the issue as protecting the other rooms in the house. All bedroom doors are closed. All windows in the house are opened. And getting close to people isn’t really an issue at all because after consuming such a massive quantity of food in such close proximity to a bedroom, the only option that remains is rolling into bed (which thankfully, behind the tightly closed door, smells only of fresh laundry), watching reruns of Law & Order SVU, and then falling asleep, blissfully and utterly unobligated.

hell. yeah.

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