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img_0047_1.jpgSometimes a single pastry just isn’t enough for breakfast… and sometimes it so is. The pain au chocolat from La Bergamote is itself an experience that proves that delicious food is so much more than just yummy taste. Before you even break into the pastry, you can smell the sweet, buttery aroma trapped in the shiny shell. Then you chip off a piece of crispy edging and begin to peel away layers of heaven – some delicately flaky and translucent, and others lightly chewy. With each peel you get closer to the chocolate – 2 dark, rich tunnels of chocolate craddled between light, airy pockets formed by buttery sheets of dough. When you tear off a piece and bite into it, the chocolate begins to travel and you get nice little flecks that sort of melt and spread into the other layers. You wonder if you’re eating it correctly…but then you realize that the lack of method is precisely the method. The deconstruction is what allows you to focus on each and every taste and texture, and to appreciate how they all come together. It’s not often that a single pastry is enough for me on a weekend morning, but in this case, I couldn’t have wanted anything else.


La Bergamote
169 9th Avenue (at 20th Street)
New York, NY 10011

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